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Singapore Gardens by the Bay Trip

When you think of Singapore , what picture pops up in your head?
A small City country ,highly urbanised, densely populated , covered with man made concrete structures?
Or if you have better perception then you may think of this place as perfect family holiday destination offering variety of food, cheaper electronic goods, shopping, good hotels,service industry and lot of urban places of tourist attraction.

However when it comes to forestry and nature , then least is expected from this tiny country.
But you will be surprised and impressed  witnessing meticulous job done by this country in maintaining forest fragments and adding lots of  well manicured gardens to make Singapore jewel of Asia.

Singapore is full of gardens.Garden By the Bay is the latest addition to Singapore's beauty.
Recently open to public, located at prime location next to the Marina Bay resort, place is already a big hit among tourists and locals. This lively and vibrant garden showcases the best of  horticulture and garden artistry, with a mass display of  flowers and plants from all over the globe. 

Signature features of Bay South Garden include the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest cooled conservatories, Supertree Grove,Skywalk,the Heritage Gardens,The World of Plants; and the Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes.

This weekend,I got opportunity to visit this beautiful garden.Sharing some pictures .

In View : Dragonfly Lake:

Super Tree Grove:
Supertree Grove is a collection of artificial supertrees in the garden. These are tall tree-like structures  containing vertical gardens with various plants  planted on side walls.  These supertrees contain photovoltaic  cells at their top to collect solar energy in the day and power the Supertrees’ lights at night.

Flower Dome:
Flower Dome is huge glass structure showcasing  a large variety of flowers and plants from far distant corners of planet like Austraila, latin America,Africa , Europe.
If you wish to witness nature's artistry at its best then this is the place to be.

In Pics: Variety of flowers @ Flower Dome

In Pic: Geometric patterns of cactus @ flower dome

Cloud Forest:
This glass structure contains 35 meters tall indoor waterfall covered with lush vegetation.
A perfect display of bio-diversity and geology of cloud forests.
Sides of tall wall structure are planted with dense moisture-loving plants,delicate ferns and pitcher plants.

OCBC Skywalk:
OCBC Skywalk is a 128m-long walkway suspended among the Supertrees at a height of about 22m above the ground.
360 degree view from skywalk is simply awesome.

In Pics: View of/from OCBC Skywalk:


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