शुक्रवार, 3 फ़रवरी 2012

Think about it...

Few days back, one of my school friends posted pictures of our school building on facebook.
Building has been abandoned long back and breathing last days of it's existence.
Pictures of this dying ,crumbling structure have triggered waves of thoughts inside me.
This is the building where saplings of our future trees were watered, manured and nurtured.
This is where we were trained ,trained to face the harsh realities of world, to compete and excel in cold,robotic,insane world.

In Picture: Ruins of Navodaya Vidhyalya ,Kiratpur Bijnor

This picture became instant hit among my school friends and got comments from all over the globe.
Yes.. I am saying all over the globe.
I am happy to see my school friends commenting from all the over the globe.
Ashish has become team leader in some software giant and has left India for United States years back.
Deepak has turned into some technical consultant and widely travels from Tokyo to London for client meetings.
Our little Yanendra has chosen hotel industry and riding on boom in gulf. His facebook pictures having fun in sand dunes with his friends fascinates me.
Our small Kapil K has changed his name to  Rohan K and settled in London. He is some big manager. He rarely interacts with school friends but his facebook updates enjoying pricey wines,drinks are proof of  his lavish life.
Vikas has chosen to stay in Noida and has got his own home.He is team lead in some big software firm. Very well settled.
Their stories may look ordinary to you but if you inquire their backgrounds then their journeys are nothing less than fairy tales.They all come from very humble rural backgrounds where poverty prevails.

Navodaya vidhyalya has given them wings, has setup foundations of their bright ,achieving futures.
Spread of Navodayan Diaspora is comparable to bigger super set Indian diaspora.
Their spread is solid proof of the fact that how well and how perfectly they were able to catch and ride on waves of globalization and liberalization.

My friends go nostalgic thinking about our school days. They say those were our golden days.
I am not surprised. This is human nature. Sometimes things from past trigger our hidden emotions,sometimes old memories do surface.
It's okay.
But some of my friends go beyond this and claim that after years of struggle,hard work and planning they are no way better. They feel their life can never be as good as it was in their childhood , in  school days. Frustration does surface in comments.

I fail to understand their frustration, their agony,their pain.
They are not struggling people.They don't seems so at all.
They have engineering degrees,management  degrees. They work in multinationals and take home thick pay cheques.They get work environment of international standards and have most of material comfort of today's world- car , well furnished house,good wife,promising career.
I don't see any lack in their lives.

I wonder why they are not happy .
What more they would had expected from their lives? Their journey from typical dusty Indian villages is nothing less than fairytale. I must admire and thank GOI for Navodaya Vidhyalya scheme which has enabled thousands and thousands of students from rural India to realize,materialise their dreams.

 This scheme has come as light in our lives and has enabled us to set our gaze on bigger broader horizon. This is the scheme which has pulled us from all the miseries which disoriented students and youth in Indian villages go through.
Villages,where electricity supply is  still less than half a day.
Villages where the health care of all people,is in some jhola chaap doctors hands who have same medicine,same remedy for all types of fatal non-fatal illnesses,diseases.
Villages ,overpopulated with ever rising populations and ever rising piles of trash scattered all over the places.
Long gone is the glory of our villages when villages were reputed for fresh air, good hygienic food ,plenty of milk,mango orchards.
Our villages are crumbling under badly planned or say unplanned development models.

I wonder why neat,well facilitated,air conditioned offices in skyscrapers fail to make them feel full.
Why there is no sense of fulfillment. Why they feel unaccomplished?

This is something to analyse.
Why our past was better while we got all the years to improve ourselves . All the years to be man we always dreamed to be .....no matter what you do , no matter what you be ...Past always remains better.....
Why ?? isn't it mental tendency.....tendency which entraps all the humanity.....

We human beings dwell on past.
This is mental  tendency which whole humanity has developed over the centuries of life on earth.
 We have tendency to glamorise past and refute present.
Our dull minds are habituated to think as if all the happiness of life was in past only.
I think we have forgotten to live in present.
Our minds are cluttered with worries,anxiety,fears of future.
Brutal competition, foolish hunger to collect lots of means for prosperous future have sucked nectar of our present. We are turning into robots.

Sometimes such pictures break this vicious cycle and mind revisits our childhood,our past.
Our childhood where there were no anxieties,no worries, where we were not forced to be part of rat race.
Childhood where life was momentary, mom's slaps,teacher's punishments were forgotten in couple of minutes.
What we were and what we have turned into...Think about it....

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