शनिवार, 20 अप्रैल 2013

Walking on the fringe

 Three weeks back , while on my routine weekend walk , this thought struck to me.
Would that not be nice to walk on new , unknown track every time then walking on this boring , redundant track every time?
I thought to walk around on the fringe of Singapore Island. With this idea I started to walk. Every weekend I start from the finish point of last week. Reaching on my first start point after covering outer-line of entire island will be considered as 'mission accomplished'.

Today, in my third week , I have reached here in Sembawang park, located in northern part of Singapore ,facing Johore straits.Malaysia is hardly a kilometer away from here, just across the Johore straits.

First Weekend:

I started my walk from Pasir Ris MRT station and started to walk towards Punggol.
Outer part of Pasir Ris is lush green with thick cover of trees.

As I walked towards Punggol Serangoon reservoir , I witnessed more and more of nature and virgin lands.

Pat farms and farm houses on Pasir Ris Farways :

Punggol Serangoon Reservior is a fine example of Singapore's meticuluos planning and sincere efforts to use precious water resource effectively.

Water treatment unit at Punggol Serangoon reservior.

To be continued....

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