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Phuket trip

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. At 540 km sq, it's about the same size as Singapore. Just about one and half hour from Singapore.
Place is very spectacular and scenic. Phuket definitely has some of the best beaches i have visited so far.
We were on  3 day trip to this beautiful island  from 10th May 2012 to 13th May 2012.
Thanks Ajeet ,thanks Asmita , We enjoyed your company. 

Towel Art : Hotel room @ Patong beach:

First elephant riding experience:
This was my first elephant ride.Very nice, memorable experience.
View from hill top was really awesome. There are a few elephant riding spots. Don't miss this experience while in Phuket.  

Awesome view from elephant ride hill top:

A small road side gasoline shop in Phuket:
If you have internationally valid driving license, then better pick up scooter or car on rent for whole day.
You can get scooter for as low as 150 baht per day.
Hiring taxi on trip to trip basis is expensive and can burn hole in your pocket.
Small roadside gasoline outlets are very common. 

Trip to Maya Beach, Phi Phi Island:
The full day speedboat tour to Phi Phi Island is really enchanting experience.
Visit few tour agents before finalising ticket booking. Phuket is place where you get ample opportunity to sharpen your bargaining skills. 
Compare offer prices from several tour agents and bargain hard.You can definitely save some money. 
Whole day speed boat tour gives spectacular views of cliffs, reefs and a number of beaches.
An unforgettable experience. 
Places we visited on our one day speed boat tour were Maya Beach, Viking caves,Phi Phi Island, Khai Island.

Maya Beach:
'The Beach' was filmed here.
Very scenic , very calm.
I wish i could have spent more time on this beach.

Snorkeling @ Khai island:
The tropical waters of the Andaman Sea are ideal for snorkeling - clear, calm, balmy and bursting with brilliant marine life.

Buddhist Temple on the way to Big Buddha:
Phuket is full of Buddhist temples.Don't miss to visit.
We are living in a world full of violence and sufferings.
No matter how hard you work , no matter how thick pay cheque you carry home , happiness , self-fulfilment is distant dream.
Teachings of Buddha come as shining rays of hope. A hope to relieve humanity from all miseries.

Big Budhha :
Big Buddha is one of the important , not to miss landmarks.
Huge image of Buddha in meditation posture is sitting on hill top.
This 45 meters high statue is still under construction and already pulling huge crowd.
On the way to hill top , we stopped for sight seeing.
This place offers some of the best sight seeing. Whole hilly area is filled with lush green jungles.
A must visit for everyone visiting Phuket.

On the way to Big Buddha:

At some sight seeing spot on the way to Big Buddha.

Kata View point:
Kata view point is famous view point in Phuket.
From here you can have view of Kata noi , Kata yai and Karon beaches.

Banlga Road, Patong Beach:
If you wish to get taste of night life in Phuket, then Bagla Road is place to be.
Whole place around Patong beach comes to life after sun sets.
Streets are jam packed with foreigners.
Place is famous for raunchy night life , filled with exotic bar girls, beer and loud music.   

Patong Beach:

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