शनिवार, 28 जुलाई 2012

Rise of mob culture in Uttar Pradesh

Hasanpur is a small town in my home district. With a population of over 50 thousands , this town is similar to other typical towns in Uttar Pradesh.
Sugar mill and other agro-based small industries provide local buy and sell facility to surrounding cluster of farmer villages.Problems here also resonate to the typical problems faced by other towns,cities.Interrupted,insufficient electricity, water supplies, lack of other public amenities are prime issues. Like story of other towns in Uttar Pradesh , these genuine issues have never got serious consideration in elections .People are divided on caste-religion lines and vote on these lines.

Failed monsoon this year has aggravated electricity insufficiency woes all over India.
Few days back people in this town took to the roads in frustration to protest against failed power supplies.But what started as protest turned into violent exhibition of madness.

 A frenzied mob broke loose on road in Hasanpur. Roads were blocked, all covered with stones and burning rubber tyres.Buses and other vehicles were burned.
A few cops rushed out with batons trying to push the mob back that by now had grown to over a hundred enraged men with an audience of another hundreds or so onlookers.
Somehow this direction-less mob ,whose only purpose seemed destruction,this mob got a new target in police.Policemen were bruised , directly challenged by mob. Their patrol jeeps , bikes were burned in front of their eyes.Several audacious criminal minded youths whom political affiliations were revealed later , climbed on police vehicles and set vehicles on fire.
Mob grew so audacious that policemen have to run for their lives.Several policemen were injured.

When smoke cleared , property of crores was gutted into fire . Roads had filled up with bricks, stones.

But what happened next was more sickening.
Illiterate local politicians blamed police for not handling case properly.
I fail to understand how police can be held responsible for disruption in electricity supply.
One of local politicians went to the extent of threatening police not to disturb his followers with any probe in the matter or to face consequences.Local Police ASI was suspended.

In an another incident in nearby town , a mob blocked highway for some demand.
Two policemen were send to disperse crowd and clear highway.As they approached on the scene , a group of weapon wearing men surrounded them.Policemen's rifles were snatched. Policemen literally pleaded these criminals in mob to return their rifles.After much pleading and kneeling down , those criminals hidden in never-held-responsible mob returned policemen's rifles. Criminal faces hidden in mob remains unknown and there is no news of any action against anybody.

 These two incidents happened in my home district and nearby district in this month itself. If i go by compiling list of such incidents happened in whole state this month , then i can definitely have a long list. 
These are not good indicators for Uttar Pradesh law and order health. No matter what blames, true or false, can be thrown upon police,  still by large police is a barrier between these anti-social, criminal , mafia elements and general people.Erosion of police power and authority is definitely detrimental for peace loving common men. Unfortunately, cases involving mobs attacks are on rise in Samajwadi government in U.P.

Ever since Uttar Pradesh politics started revolvoing around local parties with no agenda but to capture power somehow, since then whole of the state is going through a  metamorphosis of sorts that is seeing a rise mob culture and power exhibitionism.Police and other state institutions seem almost helpless to stem out this rising tide of power exhibitionism and mob culture fearing retaliation from illiterate, power hungry politicians.

What has lead to this sorry state of Uttar Pradesh?It's not hard thing to unlock.
Criminals and politicians have increasingly colluded and evaded  police and law enforcement agencies hampered by “severe deficiencies” in technology and training.It has become a trend to shift all the blame on police force or on other small officials whether done by public or some political outfit or by some other groups with sinister plans.

Government after goverment in Lucknow have remained insensitive to any major reform in corroding state mechaniry. Major reforms in system were never considered seriously.
Lack of resources, lack of training and lack of government support is pushing police system on back foot.Only God know when this vicious cycle of political power exhibitionism and petty politics is going to relieve Uttar Pradesh.Only God know when  people of Uttar Pradesh going to awaken from this deep slumber and rise above 'caste religion politics'.Only God knows when this land of Lord Ram , Lord Krishna and Buddha going to transform and going to regain its lost pride.

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