शनिवार, 21 जुलाई 2012

What makes them stand tall when others fall?

If this world were mine , i would make it free from all sufferings ,free from all tragedies,adversities.
But  real world is cruel, full of miseries, full of sufferings.

What's more painful here is the fact that most of horrendous acts of sufferings, tragedies which mankind faces today are self inflicted, inflicted by human beings on fellow human beings.
Man is man's worst enemy.

If we peep into some old pages of modern Indian history then atrocities committed during partition of India in 1947, are definitely most horrific acts of madness in modern Indian history .
Millions were massacared in broad day light and thrown out in open.
Others who were lucky to survive were forced to migrate. Partition is black chapter in India's history filled with horror, masaccares,rapes, plunders.  
 Six decades have passed  but  psychological scars of those atrocities are still very much visible in nations's psyche.

Though partition devastated  millions of lives but it gave birth to a big number of heroes as well.
Real life heroes ,whose life stories are inspiring millions today and will keep on inspiring.
Heroes who lost  all but didn't surrender.
Heroes who never  lost hope ,who never turned numb.

Milkha Singh is one such living legend of Human will and strength.We all know him as 'Flying Sikh' , one of the most appreciated athlete in India but a very few of us know what this 'Flying Sikh' endured in his childhood.I came across to one of his  interviews on Youtube.
What a man he is . Only a brave-heart like him could stand tall in such horrific conditions.

Milkha Singh was born in 1935 in Lyallpur ,now in Pakistan.Fire of madness during partition engulfed his family.He saw his parents and relatives being killed in front of his eyes.
Family slaughtered , no money in hand , wearing a single blood shocked shirt , he spent days on Delhi railway station,crying in despair .
Even a vision of such disaster in your deep dreams can make you sweat but Milkha Singh endured this all in real life.He survived . Not only survived but soared high.
He flew high ,very higher than a normal man can even imagine.

He represented India in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome and the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
He won gold medals in both the 200m and 400m events at the 1958 Asian Games
He progressed to win a gold medal in the 400m competition at the 1958 Cardiff Commonwealth Games.
Government of India honoured him with Padam Shree.

Video clip of interview with Milkha Singh:

Who doesn't know Sunil Dutt.
A very successful actor ,a successful politician as well.
He was elected to Parliament for five terms,held cabinet ministry as Youth Affairs
and Sports minster .He was honoured with the Padma Shri by the Government of India.
This was his strength only that pulled Sanjay Dutt out of dark cells of prison and revived his career.

Sunil Dutt was born in 1930 in the city Jhelum situated on the right bank of the Jhelum River, now in Pakistan.
Madness of Partition took great toll on his family . Everything was snatched away. With no penny in pocket , separated from his family, that child was left all on his own.
He bagged in streets of Delhi to survive.
Then something sparked .Something which gave him courage . Courage to face the brutalities of life head on.
Courage to walk head held high, will to work hard and excel .A helpless child turned into Bollywood mega star .

I can put more examples here,but what's important here is to identify special ingredients in these great  lives that made them rise above adversities.
Important here is to nourish and preserve those special ingredients in our lives, ingredient of  courage, will and  passion for life.Important  here to get inspiration that no matter what happens in life , life must go on.
Inspiration that no matter what situation you face in your life ,no matter how deep you are thrown into depth of misries, courage and will power can always propell you to the pinnacle .


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