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Trip to Kota Kinabalu

Nothing fascinates me more than a trip to some new place especillay somewhere close to nature.
Traveling to unknown places expands your knowledge, enriches your understanding of people , culture and
it gives you chance to break away from monotony of life.

On 4th January 2013,we, a group of five peole from my team, flew to kota kinabalu to witness the richness of this beautiful place and to have some fun.

Geographically , this place comes under Borenio island ,home to one of the oldest  rain forests on this planet.
Borneo island is divided between Indonesia, Malaysia and small sovereign state of Brunei.

Kota Kinabalu falls under  Malaysia and is capital of Malaysian state of Sabah.
Though, our primary objective for this trip was to enjoy the thrill of  white water rafting in mighty rapids of Pedas river but incessant rain and broken train service made us change our direction towards  Kiulu river.
Kiulu river  is relatively small and provides grade 1 and grade 2 rapids.
For a debutant like me , grade1  and grade 2 rapids were good enough to start with.
Body rafting in milder flow of kiulu added to the fun.

Here are some pics of our rafting in Kiulu river.


After tiresome activity of  rafting ,we gorged on our lunch.
Having some rest and refrshing our energies, it was time to enojoy zip ride.

In Pic: Uma, Sachin,Robin,Rajani,Muthu (left to right)

High on adrenaline,with heart beating as drum , here i take my jump.

Mount Kinabalu( in pic below) is the highest  mountain in Malay Archipelago( height 4095 meters above sea level).
I was in full enthusiasm to climb over this peak  and convinced my team to climb over.
However due to lack to time we had to drop this idea.
May be some other day..

  Kota Kinabalu is surrounded by a number of exotic, unspoiled islands.
These islands, reserved under Abdul Rehman park ,are major tourist attraction.
White sandy beaches , crystal clear water,coral reefs and plenty of water sports makes these islands perfect
tourist destination.

Here we are , heading for one of these exotic islands.

Riding on FlyFish was fun.
FlyFish is nothing but a light rubber boat with air chambers.
This light boat is pulled by motor boat. As motorboat speeds up ,light flyfish bounces into air , sometimes erecting vertically.
More strength in your arms and good handgrips, better your chances to hold your ground on flyfish boat.
If you loose your grip on handle for a fraction of second  , you  end up in sea.

 Here we get ready for out FlyFish ride.

After FlyFish , it was time to try hands on water scooter.

In the end , it was time for some snorkeling.
Though coral reefs and fish variety ,are not as good and as substantive as i have seen in Langkawi  and Phuket but still laying flat on sea surface and watching nature around is fun ;)..
I enjoyed it.

Photo session before returning to our base.

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