रविवार, 22 जनवरी 2012

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

If you are in Singapore and love to go in nature , then Sungei Buloh reserve is certainly one of the  places you must not miss. Yesterday, i got opportunity to visit this nature reserve.

The place is covered with mangrove patches and muddy tidal ponds.
This is place for souls eager to breathe some fresher air and enjoy some time in solitude.
Reserve is close to Kranji MRT station. From train station,you can take bus No.925 to reach entrance of this reserve.
Name Sungei Buloh is derived from two words: Sungei means river ,Buloh means Bamboo.
May be,they named this place for dense bamboo jungle in this area but now bamboo jungle is long gone.
I didn't find any bamboos inside reserve except few at the entrance.
Mangroves, birds,variety of fishes and freely wandering monitor lizards can captivate you and promise a quality time spend in nature.
Sharing some pics from this reserve.

Mangroves :

Big monitor lizard is prominent creature in this nature reserve.

Nothing is more precious ,more fulfilling than spending time in solitude.Doing nothing ,just observing nature.
True, effortless meditation!

Observation decks and shades make your trip in nature comfortable and allow you to sit in solitude for hours.Visitors are very sparse and this adds to the beauty of this place.

 Variety of  aquatic life thrives in these wet lands. Place attracts a lot of migratory birds as well.

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