रविवार, 8 जनवरी 2012

The caged birds

This is wonderful morning today. I got up with pleasant breeze blowing though my window.
Sky is covered with thick clouds and sproadic downpour is making this morning a perferct day to rest and recharge battries for week ahead.

Unusual human noise and bird chatter attracts my attention. Below across the road , i see a huge gathering surrounding local community club.
Local club has organised bird singing competition.Bird lovers from all over singapore have gathered to showcase their bird's singing talent and to grab big prizes.

It's bird singing competion and i am curious to know how caged birds sing?Can such delicate souls whom very essence of life is freedom , freedom to fly ,freedom to navigate horizons, is snatched,
 can such tortured creatures really sing?
 From a distance i observe those caged helpless souls. Gifted wings are bruised,damaged.Beaks are blunt and dull. Despair eyes have dried and have lost hope of freedom.

Oh Man , don't be so insane,don't be so stupid.I can understand your greed , your selfishness to keep these souls captive.
But what gives you authority to call their despair cry  'singing'?
 What gives you courage to call this brutality 'singing'?
 Your self inflicted boredom , lonliness  have overflown and have swallowed these beautiful creations . Your greed and misconception of being master, have ruined these lives.

Let these nice creatures show their natural talent . Free them and enjoy their flight.
True happiness lies in freedom.Their freedom may give you freedom from your own injuries,freedom from your boredom,freedom from your sorrow.
Let sanity prevail...

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