शुक्रवार, 30 दिसंबर 2011

what's new in new year?

So friends, here comes new year.
All humanity seems soaked in enthusiam of  welcoming  new year.
New year where resides hope of all humanity , hope of better life , hope to be more prosperous , to be more healthy. Hope to have peace on earth. Hope to fulfill  all our stupid desires,greed, longingness.

Yesterday afternoon ,when i was occupied with my mundane office work , one of my colleague walked to my desk. Having broad smile and face full of enthusiam , he  shelled out the very obvious and most asked question of days before new year celebaration.

''Sachin, what are your plans for new year celebrations? How you going to celebrate? Any special plans?''
Well, question was very obvious but still i was blank. No answer !.
I inquired into me . To buy some time to come up with some sensible answer , i fired back at him.
"First tell me, what are you plans for new year?"

But inside me this very obvious question triggered chain of thoughts.
Why we all humans give so much importance to new year?
Isn't it just a number system? 31st december and then 1st january ? what makes this mundane ,cold,meaningless cycle of date change so special?
What changes with this human's invention of time? Does something really change?

I doubt.As i try to reach on some logical conclusion , i see what are things,factors behind this all enthusiasm.

Basically , new year is man's stupid invention. Invention to get rid of boredom, boredom that dwells in mundane ,robotic , controlled, conditioned  lives.
Mind try to escape this boredom. It tries to use this tool of new year to create illusion that here comes the days of freedom. Freedom from all dullness of life ! Here comes the days of joy,peace,fulfillment.

New year is human's invention to undo our mistakes, our blunders,to undo our past.
New year is optimism of human mind that here comes days of great joy, end of all sorrows.
It's optimism of human mind who sees opportunity to accomplish all it's uncomplete tasks , promises in future.
It's your optimism , it's my optimism which says i am going to be rich in new year , in future .
I am going to be more healthy , i'll have more love in my life , i'll get good pay hike , will get promotion, will make name for myself bla bla bla....

In new year , there resides our hopes that everything is going to be more orderly in our lives.

But here arises another question. So many years have passed . Every year came up with hopes , promises of liberation, enlightment.
But why all those past years falied to liberate me. failed to liberate me from my fears, from my sorrows , from all uncertainities. what keeps  me hungry , unfulfilled , unaccomplished?
What's keep this whole humanity frustrated, sad,violent?

I don't want to be pessimistic , don't want to sound as negative.
But i want to see things without any distortion. I don't want to be part of rat race , don't want to deceive my consciousness. I don't want to create illusions in my mind.
No illusions of  seeing future radically different from my past. No rosy pictures ,no hollow imaginations please!

But why is it so? Why we suffer from this syndrone? Is there anything wrong in being enthusiastic , optimistic and wishing great days ahead?
What crime if someone hopes for , dreams for and  wishes for ideal life in future ? Isn't it good to hope for  pleasure , fun , joy,peace,prosperity?

 I don't  see crime in it . But my frustration is why new year always fails to keep it's promises? Why we remain same being ? Why there is no radical change? Why life is constant struggle? Struggle to put everything in order , struggle to ensure that everything in our life happens as per our plans only.

I think answer lies within.
Future of me , future of you , future of humanity is nothing different than past.
Human mind is cluttered with memories of past, experiences of past. And that past modifies itself into future.
Mind picks up a thought from past, a memory of past , modifies it and presents it  as idea of future.
So future is nothing but modification of past. All new ideas , thoughts dwell on manure of past memories. All dwells on our past impressions.
And can a plant of future which dwells on , nourishes on manure of past , past having sorrow , pain  , frustration , sense of unaccomplishment , can such a plant of future be free from it's roots?

I doubt.  
Only a mind who is totally free from past can have an exceptional future. Only a mind who is immune to mundane ,methodical thought processing , thought creation ,can have radically different future.

A mind who can see ,observe thoughts without distortion , only a mind who is aware , alert , momentary can have future different than past.
Solution resides in observation, non-indulgence.Solution resides in inside.
No method , no ideology.Total freedom , freedom from known. Freedom from all conditioning , liberation from all baggage of past .

I am not going to have any resolution for new year . I am going to observe , going to understand myself, going to dive into deep laywer of this being.

Happy new year to all ,..... 

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  1. These are thoughts out of box... In my view I believe that nothing is permanent in this world other than the changes.. so I am glad in welcoming a new change ie New Year (2012) a fresh new complete year to enjoy.. work... live ur own life and make ur loved ones happy..
    "Happy New Year"

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