शुक्रवार, 6 सितंबर 2013

How simple ,how complex

It's lovely morning today. It has rained all night and is still pouring incessantly.
We are at our breakfast table in our hotel's dining area .
 Priti is busy with her noodles and I am munching on wholegrain bread and sipping my tea.

Dhruv is happing in his baby chair and requires no attention from our side.

On our adjacent table, a caucasian couple is busy with their breakfast.
Their conditioned hands are doing their  job with cutlery and allowing them to focus more on their talk rather than attending slippery meat slices and freshly baked bread pieces.

Their talk is not very audible to me but the tone and the gestures indicate that nature of the talk is little argumentative.
Man is trying to make a point to his partner which she doesn't find very convincing.
Like other wives on this planet earth,she has  a counter point and would like to make a correction there.

Somehow, Dhruv finds them interesting.
He squeaks and thumps into the table to get their attention. He bounces in his baby chair and waves his delicate hands in the air.

His effort pays off .Eyes are met and communication starts .Smiles are exchanged ,presences are welcomed and Dhruv is complimented for his cuteness.

I wonder how redundant and how counter-productive , is the wordy, verbal communication in our day to day life. Our words are generally laced with anger, fear and all other negative emotions and do more harm than good.
Dhruv's squeaks, babbles and unconditioned giggles convey message far far better.

That Interaction was brief but that brief interaction with this tiny, unconditioned soul left that couple drenched in happiness that no book , no motivational speaker can instill.

Life is simple. We have complicated it. We have overburdened it.
There are things that a baby knows far better than us.
Our leaning of life comes with unlearning,overwriting of something very intrinsic,very natural to us.

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