शुक्रवार, 15 मार्च 2013

An early morning walk

Today , I woke up long before my usual time, 5 AM in the morning.
I flipped , I tossed,I  spread on to my bed ,to put myself into another spell of hibernation.
But then came a thought. What this world looks like at 5 AM in the morning?
It has been long time,years indeed. Early riser in me is gone.

So I decided. to walk, to walk in today's sleepy morning.
Lazy in me, contrived. Body tried to defy,  legs pretended  fatigue, head connived with phoney head-ache.
But at last,Will triumphed over the laze.

So I got up and I walked.I walked beyond this concrete. I walked beyond this mankind.
I walked into solitude. I walked very light, without any thoughts , without any burden.
I walked empty, leaving my desires , my lusts back in my bed...

And there I was, where every thing was green.
I met some of my old friends.They welcomed me with their melodious songs. 
Songs of the life all around. Song of the life,emanating from tree tops, pulsating from sleepy side-way hedges.
And I was overwhelmed.
And I walked tiptoe,as slightest disturbance would be a crime.

 And then,there I sat .Trying to absorb something,trying to demystify something.
Morning breeze blew over my face. Morning breeze blew over lawn, sweeping away dead leaves.
And there I sat , pondering and wondering.

Then came the sun,glittering over tree tops,shining over morning mist...
It rose above in the horizon . It rose high in the sky , making a gloden path.
It was extraordinary to see that light , light filling the earth, light invigorating every leaf, light shining on thousand blades of grass..
It was extraordinary...

And with the sun light, came the people. People from all walks of life.
People who were young and full of vigor, people who were old and fragile..
People who were happy  and joyous. People who were sad and angry...
People who  liked my presence and  gave me smile.
People who pretended as if I do not exist.
I knew that was the time to return.

*Memoirs from my early morning  walk in Tampines eco green park.

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