Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Starting a second Inning

Hi , I have spend almost a decade working on IBM mainframe tech. I have always been above average programmer .
Initially everything was sweet but as the years passed by , I was overcome by fatigue and tardiness.
Then came the moments of realization that it was the monotony of the job and fear of being left behind in fast moving tech world that were really making me lose interest.

Being a computer guy, internet was the tool at my hand and that's where I started to look for the remedy. After going through many articles, discussions on Quora and youtube videos of career option , my imaginations were caught by Data Science.
I have been a student of maths and holds Master degree in Computer application.
Instatntly , Data Science seemed to be my new world and there itself I began.
I have gone thru Python tutorials and joined nano - degree program on Data Science on Udacity.
Learning so far is great and now is the time to jump for assignments.
I want to work with best people and for the best people so as I could become one of the best.
There is no doubt that TopTal( is the best platform to start this journey.
Toptal web developers group is going to be my vehicle.

I look forward for challanging assignments, friendly people to work with . I wish TopTal becomes my launching pad , to soar high in my career.

Wish me luck!