Monday, February 18, 2013

Dhruv Kapasia from Hasanpur Kalan

What? Could you repeat your question?
Oh, why am I smiling ?
Nothing .. just like that...No no , there is nothing running in my mind....
Why I need to have something in my mind to make me smile? Is it obligatory?
It's my nature ... very intrinsic nature...Whenever i am not hungry and not sleepy...I do smile.
Yes! Like that only.
 Doesn't sound logical?... I don't care if your logic says that there must be some reason behind my smile...
You be happy with your logic..

 Wait..What is this moving object in front of me?
Let me search my visual memory. Ohh yes!.. A known pattern ..
Huh..Coordinates say it must be a human being .
Mother ? No ...
Gramdma ? No.
Grandpa? No.
A new face. Ok, storing for future references...
What they calling him? Photographer uncle...hmm...Noted with thanks...

But what is this small ,funny object facing me and flashing again and again...
No matching pattern found.. New coordinates saved for future reference...

Tell you one thing..I really don't like my hair style much.... It's kinda old-fashioned,something of my Papa's generation..
What to do ? My mom knows to comb this way only.
Yes Yes! course!..I'd prefer spikes, with bit of nice,macho gel...
How to tell my mom that this is old fashined and suits on Papa only..

Hmm.. but i like this trishul on my forehead.It's kinda cool and looks different..
Thanks mom !


 How is my cap? Cool na?
Do you feel my cloths are bit over sized,ill fitting?
How you define something as ill fitting?
For me something that keeps me safe from this shivering cold,something comfy is always cool...
No worry baba.Time to impress girls is far ahead in future :).Outfit is soft and warm..Let me enjoy it...

Okay ,enough for the day. Please close this funny flashing thing...
Time to catch up some sleep...Bye..Enjoy...

Dhruv Kapasia
Hasanpur Kalan
18th Feb 2013


  1. Creative thinking.. good but again u have proved that u work in IT.. trying to hack the program Duruv is writing in his mind.

  2. It is so cute :) And this Dude (DK) is rockstar !!!!

  3. Wonderful and creative comments from an outstanding fellow for my sweet nephew

  4. really creative comments from an outstanding fellow for my sweet nephew


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